All DCYOUTHLAB Division Events Are Monitored/Sponsored and Operated  In A Team Setting With Professional Licensed/Insured DCSOUNDLAB Staff/Artists

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Youth Lab Co-ordinator/Events


Contact Dcsoundlab Youth Division Co-ordinator for booking our dj's Specializing in youth events​ 

YouthLab actually played our requests! We had a great time.

 W.T.WHS   9/18


YouthLab Really made our High School Daughters Party a hit..The Sound and Lights are well thought out for a mobile show

-John W 6/18

Teen Night was Getting stale for the kids.

Bringing in Youthlab and their concept really changed things around...!

What a great show!!

Clean song versions with a professional setting. 

Our School Dances took on a whole New Level Of Energy


DCSOUNDLAB LLC / DCYOUTHLAB.  Is A Fully Licensed Insured Variance Compliant Music Services Company

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The YouthLab Performance 

brought  a peer to peer relevancy to our school Dances

- OHS Cougars

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/Youth/The Early period of existence

/Lab /providing opportunity for experimentation and   observation

/dj/A person who plays popular recorded music at a party