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Variance Compliant Music Services Companye.

All Rentals Include:
On Site Setup, Test, and Teardown
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 PA System and Lighting Rentals

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sound system rental Lighting Setup/Rental





                 - Performance

                 - Mixshow/Residency 

                 - Scheduled Dates/Rotation

                 - Sound/Lighting Solutions

                 - Non Performance Sets and


         Set-Ins Available 

                 - Booking cancellation

                 - A wrong fit in a hire

                 - Booth/Mixshow Management



Our wide-ranging selection of music and genre offers endless choices

We can integrate digitized vocals for “digital spots/taglines” to broadcast a singular expression suited to promote,announce or market.These can also be customized and geared towards a venue or events style,

audience, and musical taste. 


Music Services




Available For Events Worldwide

At dcsoundlab we strive to offer our clients a
“Customized Music Experience” As a “boutique” company we offer intimate solutions for any Event or Booking.

We believe in providing customized sets and playlists,
pro sound and lighting promoting the room how you, the client, chooses.

Innovative sets are designed to carve a niche for your venue, offering a unique experience and setting you apart from the crowd.
Providing a set or playlist custom designed for that special event is literally at your request.

With successful shows and promotions worldwide, dcsoundlab guarantees our commitment to build the music program you choose.

Our Mission and Our Guarantee

To provide a Seamless Flow and Mixed Sets relevant to your events musical style. 

Our Mobile Division Offers

Pro Sound and Lighting

Customized portable setups provide a complete package designed for your specific needs.

Accommodating small events to large venues, we take the guesswork out of a "live/digitized" presentation offering a tasteful low profile design.